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Boarding & Daycare—Bed & Biscuit SM

Does your pet require more than pet sitting?
Our private in-home pet boarding service matches your pets to a pet sitter's home. Your pet becomes a temporary member of the pet sitter's family.
Your pet's host-sitter. . .
  • Is our employee, not an independent contractor.
  • Is not employed outside of their home.
  • Is never overbooked or crowded with pet guests.
  • Is licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.
  • Is inspected periodically by the Georgia Department of Agriculture as well as this company's owner.
  • Is in regulatory compliance with their county and city.
  • Will require proof of your pet's current immunizations.
  • Does not rely on crating to control your pet.
Our pet guest.
Overnight Care
Your pet stays with us during the day and night for as long as you need.
Daycare is limited to daytime only. Time will round to the nearest hour.
  • Half day:  1-5 hours.
  • Full day:   6-10 hours.
Note: Space limitations during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays require that we secure reservations with client's deposit of 25% of the total reservation amount. This deposit may be paid via credit card, will apply against total due and is not refundable if reservation is cancelled within three weeks prior to commencement of your holiday booking.